Wildlife Removal Services

Fast & Ethical Trapping, Removal, and Remediation

A Boone Wildlife project manager will come to your home and perform a very thorough inspection of your home. We will look at everything from the foundation all the way up to the chimney crown, and yes we will crawl through your attic!

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We understand the complexities of dealing with these animals and can provide you with the best solutions.


Nuisance Animal Trapping

Trapping is often required to remove the problem animals, but we have come a long way from the days of baited traps being screwed into your roof and hoping an animal wanders in. We can quickly and effectively catch only the animals that know about your home.
Animal Eviction
Sometimes trapping the animal is not necessary! With female raccoons and bats, we can oftentimes kick them out of your home without having to trap the animals. It does not get more humane than that! Eviction followed by repairs and Wildlife Proofing leads to a critter free home.
Live Animal Removals

If an animal gains access to the home, it may be able to access your living space directly. You could end up with an animal in your bedroom, kitchen, closet, etc. We see this most often with raccoons and squirrels. This is always a stressful position to find yourself in. 

A situation of this nature calls for immediate removal. Our expert staff are able to do this by hand, often within the same day of your call! Our comprehensive wildlife inspection (detailed above) is included in the cost of removal.


Deceased Animal Removals

Part of every animal’s natural life cycle is their end of life, and unfortunately, it can sometimes happen in your own backyard. A diseased animal may find its way into your yard, or a deer that has been hit on a nearby road will often wander into a grassy area before passing away.

If you see a deceased animal in your yard, we can send a professional to make sure the animal is removed and disposed of properly.
Every deceased or live animal situation is unique. We’ll need to know details about the animal such as location, ease of access, and size. We want to be as prepared as possible to solve the issue. For this reason, we ask that you please call our office for a deceased or live animal removal rather than book online. We look forward to hearing from you!

Animal Proof Warranty

After a Whole Home Wildlife Proofing service has been completed, a warranty certificate is issued stating that your home is Animal Proof. This warranty is the strongest around, as it certifies that the home, in its current state, can not be invaded by animals.
This warranty is renewable on a yearly basis.